INSURGENT Director Robert Schwentke To Return for ALLEGIANT, PART 1

Insurgent, the sequel to the successful Neil Burger-directed Divergent, won’t be in theaters until March, but apparently Lionsgate is confident enough in director Robert Schwentke that they offered him the first half of Allegiant to direct as well.

What’s interesting about this story is that only part 1 was mentioned.  It’s been the current standard that when it comes to a split movie based on a single book, the director would take both parts, which would make sense, as having a different director for part 2 would undoubtedly reveal some continuity issues in the feel and pace of it as compared to part 1.

Most likely, it’s just something they don’t want to announce yet, maybe due to contractual tweaks they have to make first, which is what I’m hypothesizing.

The release of “Divergent” has helped fuel book sales, which have gone from 17 million when the film was released in March to more than 30 million. Online fans have tripled during that period to more than 6 million.

Insurgent comes out March 20, 2015, but Lionsgate tells us to brace ourselves for something on December 12th.  We’ll keep you posted!



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