INSURGENT: Tris and Four Make The Cover of SFX Magazine

SFX Magazine has the latest behind-the-scenes look at INSURGENT!

As you can tell from the previews so far, the sequel to DIVERGENT will feature more eye-popping special effects than the original. To celebrate that, SFX Magazine is featuring Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four on their cover!

tris and four sfx magazine

Of course, there will also be a hefty look into how all the special effects and behind-the-scenes work came together to create the rich dystopian landscape featured in the story. Here’s a preview featuring the latest poster image, but most of the text and pretty unreadable:


The magazine will also be giving away a DIVERGENT Trilogy Set as part of their feature. Click here to enter!

SFX Magazine is in stores and on news stands now!

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