INSURGENT’S Miles Teller Talks Peter’s Motivation

INSURGENT’S Miles Teller Talks Peter’s Motivation as well as comparing him to a housecat

Two clips from the upcoming digital HD and Blu-Ray release of The Divergent Series: Insurgent feature the talented Miles Teller as he talks about Peter’s motivation in the movies, which apparently is that of not only annoying Tris, but also finding a position of power amongst the Elite, whether that be with Dauntless or Erudite.

Screenwriter Brian Duffield said this about Peter:
“He is someone who just wants to be okay, and he doesn’t mind stepping on anyone’s toes in order to be that.”

Teller adds this:
“He likes to be in any position close to power. Janine is trying to hold to as much as she can, and she needs information.”

Miles also likens Peter to a housecat, comparing their uncanny “ability” to escape death more than once. He explains so in the following video:

The Divergent Series: Insurgent will be available on digital HD on Tuesday, July 21st, and then on Blu-Ray/DVD August 4th.


Source: HitFix

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