International Requiem Release Dates!

Lauren Oliver has updated her tumblr blog with the latest Requiem release dates as well as some release dates for countries still awaiting Pandemonium.

The dates are as follows;


Britain: March 14, 2013

Catalan & Spain: May 2013

Czech Republic & Slovakia: 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in February 2013)

Denmark: October 2013

Finland: 2014

France: March 2013

Germany: November 2013

Holland: Fall 2013

Hungary: 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in May 2013)

Italy: 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in March 2013)

Latvia: Spring 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in March 2013)

Norway: Spring 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in April 2013)

Poland: Fall 2013 tbc

Slovenia: 2014 (PANDEMONIUM coming in May 2013)

Sweden: September 2013

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