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An interview with THE 100’s Christopher Larkin and Richard Harmon

The 100’s Christopher Larkin and Richard Harmon sit down at WonderCon and discuss what’s happening on the show and their characters during this season.

At WonderCon, the cast of The 100 graced fans with their presence as well as the first 15 minutes of tonight’s new episode.  We got a chance to speak to the cast, and get details on their characters and what’s to come for them for the remaining third season.  First up is Christopher Larkin and Richard Harmon, who play Monty Green and John Murphy, respectively.

In the first video, Christopher Larkin talks about developing his character and the relationship he has with his mother, played by Donna Yamamoto.  We also get into any possible romance for Monty, his stalled friendship with Jasper (Devon Bostick), and the expansion of his character. .

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Harmon, and I do mean pleasure as he was so gentlemanly and shook every person’s hand at our table (reminds me of another wonderful actor that I met who was playing a captain that aimed to misbehave).  Unfortunately, I don’t have that on film, but in this interview we get to know more about Richard’s character, Murphy, and the struggles he’s had to deal with (including getting a brutal beating), strong fan reaction to his character, and the relationship between Murphy and Clarke.  He also pondered the idea of Murphy returning to his people in Arkadia. Now wouldn’t that be interesting.

The 100 airs on Thursday nights at 9pm on the CW.

The 100 poster - Monty Green (Christopher Larkin) The 100 poster - John Murphy (Richard Harmon)

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