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Interview: SHADOWHUNTERS’ Isaiah Mustafa reveals who he’d like to have a fight scene with

Isaiah Mustafa talks SHADOWHUNTERS and what’s up for his character in the second half of season 2!

Shadowhunters starts the second half of this season tonight and we’re totally excited to get back into that world. Not only that, we got a chance to speak to Isaiah Mustafa, the actor who plays Luke Garroway, to find out what’s next for the leader of the werewolf pack.

If you recall from the first half of this season, one significant character from Luke’s life was killed in episode 2×04, something that we as book readers were probably not expecting. Because of this, one of the questions that came to mind was how this would affect Luke and what will become of this character now as his role was so connected to him being part of Jocelyn and Clary’s life.

During our interview, the first thing I asked Isaiah about was what losing the love of Luke’s life meant for for the character on the show. He was actually optimistic about Luke’s role in it, saying that he thinks it would expand, stating “there’s opportunity for my character to take on a more significant role in the Shadowhunter world.”

We hope so! For the most part, when it comes to Luke, now even the fans won’t know what’s going on with him. As far how he’s fairing with Jocelyn’s death, well, “he’s still grieving for sure. That’s not over for him.”

I would think not! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem he’ll be able to mourn her for too long, because there’s still crap to deal with, especially in his own pack. When asked about what this means for his leadership role in the pack, he couldn’t give any details. Of course not.

However, he did disclose a little bit of info about his relationship with Maia as compared to his relationship with Clary.

“Well, it’s complicated. I dont’ want to give too much away, but there’s definitely a mutual respect between Maia and Luke, where Luke is more like a father figure to Clary,” Mustafa stated. “Using sports terms, it’s like a coach with his team. You don’t always know what he’s planning, but you do it anyway.”

I knew at that point I probably wasn’t going to be able to get answers as to what happens next for him (obviously), only that “as long as I’m still in it, I don’t really care where his story goes!”

I’d like to think that he’ll be in for the long haul. Luke Garroway still has a lot to offer being in the position he’s in, and it would be great to see him in more fight scenes, for sure.

“Oh, well, I really only have about 4 years left before I start letting stuntmen do my work, so I’d like to do a fight scene with Harry Shum Jr.”

As for what the best part about Shadowhunters is for him, Isaiah wasn’t hesitant about giving props to the writers of the show.

“The world is so vast and expandable that it’s exciting to see where the writers take it. I mean, I don’t want to change jobs or anything, but I think it’s sometimes more fun to be a writer for the show than to act in it.”

Season 2B of Shadowhunters premieres tonight at 8pm on Freeform.

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