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IRON FIST Lawyers Up With Addition Of Carrie-Anne Moss

Jeri Hogarth is back and on the case for IRON FIST!

A new casting announcement tells us that Iron Fist prepping for a battle in the courts as well as on the streets in his first season!

Carrie-Anne Moss is taking her no-nonsense lawyer character Jeri Hogarth, who appeared on Jessica Jones and in the season 2 finale for Daredevil, to the Marvel/Netflix Iron Fist show. Hogarth will reportedly represent Danny Rand aka Iron Fist as he digs deeper into Meachum Industries and the Meachum family, who were business partners with Danny’s parents before their deaths.

In the comics, Jeri Hogarth is a good friend of the Rand family and plays a big role in Danny’s journey. Maybe she’ll even bring Foggy Nelson along now that he’s joined her law firm!

“Carrie-Anne has fast become a fan-favorite part of our street-level saga, and we share our viewers’ excitement in bringing her into Marvel’s Iron Fist,” said Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Television, in the casting annoucement.

Showrunner Scott Buck also added: “Danny Rand lives in the highest stratosphere of New York’s business society and he’s going to need a ruthless lawyer to help him navigate this alien world.”

The official Twitter account also posted this smooth teaser for Jeri’s return:

Iron Fist does not have an official release date yet, but is expected out around Spring 2017.

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