Is President Snow Entirely Evil?


“YES!” might be your answer (it was mine!), but Donald Sutherland doesn’t agree.  “He doesn’t kill anyone… unless it’s essential,” he said in a recent interview with Variety.  “He maintains tight control, but he’s not a war criminal like so many presidents and people throughout the world who have killed millions.”  As for President Snow’s relationship with arch enemy Katniss, Sutherland believes that Snow actually adores her: “She wows him,” he says. “She delights and amuses him because he knows more than anything she has a particular kind of genius he’s been looking for all his life.”

Sutherland also shared a rather hilarious story about realizing how successful The Hunger Games really is. “I was at my dermatologist, and she asked me what I was doing next,” Sutherland recalls. “I told her I was about to do something called ‘The Hunger Games.’ She gasped and started calling everyone into the room, and they all came running. That was my first inkling it might be something big.”

Mockingjay Part 1 comes out in just over 2 weeks! (Nov. 21 if you’ve been living on a raft)  Tickets are now on sale!

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