Italia Ricci Joins SUPERGIRL As Silver Banshee

Italia Ricci joins SUPERGIRL as a villain both in and out of Kara’s office!

Is there anything worse than your very own nemesis at work? For Kara El-Zor, it turns out there is when her least favorite person in the office turns out to be the Silver Banshee too!

Italia Ricci is done Chasing Life and she’s moved on to Supergirl, where she’ll play both an everyday villain and a super-powered one, Siobhan Smythe aka Silver Banshee. She can cause mass destruction with her sonic wails and superhuman strength, but she’ll also be bringing down Kara on a regular basis by just being a plain ol’ mean girl at work.

The show seems to be following the Silver Banshee story featured in The New 52 comic series, which suggests that the two will before friends and even team up as time goes on, though there’s no confirmation from show runners quite yet.

Ricci is a big follower of the DC TV universe, in part because her fiance is The Flash‘s Robbie Amell and his cousin is the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell. Her response to the casting announcement? “I’m so happy I could scream!”

silver banshee


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