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It’s shades of grey for THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 Portraits, plus a new character added

These Walking Dead season 6 portraits are as powerful as ever

Despite the greyish, aged quality to The Walking Dead season 6 portraits, they are a powerful and badass look to the AMC series.  The color of the portraits definitely feels intentional and gives more of a hardened look to the characters.  And even though Carol wears the look of a matronly mother in her Alexandria duds, the ever serious look on her face the the badass knife that she’s wearing only gives her more of the psychotic mom look, but in a good way.

All grey photos by Frank Ockenfels

Rick practically looks like he did in the earlier seasons of the show.  The addition of Deanna, Aaron, Spencer, Jessie, and the return of Morgan fills out the regular cast quite nicely, and we’re looking to see what’s in store, although from the looks of these portraits and the following images, it looks to be an even darker season for the group.

We don’t know if the big bad of the graphic novels, Negan, will be showing up this season.  However, according to, it has been confirmed that actor Xander Berkeley will be appearing in the second half of the upcoming season, and he’ll be playing a character that has similar traits as Negan.


Many have already assumed he’ll be playing Gregory, a narcissistic-type man with a huge ego and a strong desire for self-preservation, who also happens to be the leader of another community called Hilltop

We also have new promo images for season 6, all in color this time, but just as intense as we sense the anticipation of a potentially major disagreement.

All promo images by Frank Ockenfels

Source: HeyUGuys

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