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Ivana Milicevic Joins THE 100 Season Five

Ivana Milicevic will join the fifth season of THE 100 as a mysterious criminal!

The ending of the fourth season of The 100 left fans asking a lot of questions. But one of the main ones was ‘just who is in that prison ship?’ Well that can now be at least partially answered, as Love Actually actress Ivana Milicevic has been cast as Charmaine Diyoza, a prisoner aboard the ship.

We learned at Comic-Con that the prison ship that made an appearance in the last seconds of the season four finale was sent to space about one hundred years before the first apocalypse, which would be around our current time. Though the prisoners were likely in hypersleep, showrunner Jason Rothenberg has said, which explains how they reappear almost 200 years later.

Charmaine, though currently imprisoned, is also a “ruthless military strategist who will go head to head” with some of our favourite characters. Her actions are said to cause both unity and division among the survivors of the death wave, which is a running theme throughout The 100. Though if there’s one thing for sure, its that Charmaine will be important, as her character description goes on to say that “she will leave an indelible legacy on our new world.”

Ivana Milicevic also recently appeared in Gotham, and Power. She will be a recurring guest star when The 100 once again graces our screens in early 2018.


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