Ivanhoe Pictures Acquires Rights to New Release YA Book THE WALLED CITY

Ryan Graudin’s YA book, The Walled City, hasn’t even been out a week yet and already a studio has acquired the rights for it.  This is not unusual for studios to nab books even sometimes before it’s released.  It does, however, make for a slightly higher interest for the wandering book buyer trying to find his or her next “to-read” series.

The story follows three teenagers who are fighting to survive and escape a lawless, walled city, a fictional version of Kowloon’s Walled City in Hong Kong.

The part that stands out for this book might be it’s setting.  China is a beautiful country, and I would love to see how a film would the aesthetic beauty.  I have yet to read the book, so maybe that part of the Asian land isn’t shown, considering it’s called The Walled City, and it’s fictional.  But still, it will be nice to see how the Asian culture is represented on something like this.



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