J.K. Rowling Reveals That There are Two HARRY POTTERS

Just as we hit the 20th anniversary of HARRY POTTER, J.K. Rowling revealed that there are two Harry Potters!

J.K. Rowling has continued to expand her Harry Potter universe through her website Pottermore, something we are all grateful for. Recently, she added an article on the Potter family, which shared some of the Boy Who Lived’s very interesting family history, including the fact that there are actually two Harry Potters.

Harry’s mother, Lily, was a muggleborn, but his father, James came from a Pureblood family that goes back generations, though they were never at the forefront of the Wizarding World until Harry came around – the second time. The first Harry Potter, Rowling revealed in this article, was our Harry’s great-grandfather, who’s real name was Henry Potter, but who was called Harry by his friends. He served on the Wizengamot from 1913 – 1921 and publicly criticized the Minister at the time for not letting wizards help muggle in World War I, showing that stubbornness and standing up for what’s right runs in the Potter family.

This makes our Harry ‘Harry Potter the Second’ or possibly ‘Harry Potter Jr.’. We can only hope that Harry finds this out one day, because I’m sure he would love to know about the brave person he got his name from.

Rowling also revealed how the Potters got their name. Apparently Linfred of Stinchcomb was called ‘the Potterer’ and the name just stuck. Check out the rest of the Potter family history in the article, which you can read here. 


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