J.K. Rowling Says Your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny Houses Aren’t Equivalent

How do Ilvermorny and Hogwarts houses compare? They don’t, according to J.K. Rowling!

As soon as Pottermore unveiled its new Ilvermorny sorting quiz and a detailed history of the origins of the North American magic school, Harry Potter fans wanted to get some comfort from what they already new. Sure, there are some minor details about the Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, Thunderbird, and Wampus houses, but not enough to truly give them a sense of what the house stood for. So the fans turned to their old friends: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin!

Did you think Wampus is basically Gryffindor and Horned Serpent seems a lot like Ravenclaw? Did it seem like your Hufflepuff finds often found themselves in Thunderbird, with a few exceptions here and there? The fandom certainly had no qualms about equating the Hogwarts houses to the Ilvermorny houses in an attempt to figure out which houses matched together.

Well, J.K. Rowling says we’re all wrong!

When asked by a fan (who was worried that Wampus might equate to Hufflepuff,) Rowling said that the houses at the two schools are not meant to match up neatly.

Despite our own comparisons, we do understand where the author is coming from. While the houses seem to share some certain characteristics, none of them are dead ringers for each other. The differences will likely become more notable as we learn more about the Ilvermorny and its students.

When asked by a fan– who actually offered to give Rowling $10 for her answer– the author also revealed her house.

We’re expecting to learn more about Ilvermorny when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them shows us the American side of the Wizarding World on November 18, 2016.

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