Jade Hassouné Cast As Meliorn In SHADOWHUNTERS

SHADOWHUNTERS has found the actor who will portray Meliorn, the loyal servant to the Seelie Queen!

Canadian actor Jade Hassouné has been tapped to join ABC Family’s SHADOWHUNTERS cast as Meliorn, a faerie who diligently serves the conniving Seelie Queen!

One of Isabelle Lightwood ‘s favorite ways to rebel against her parents is by casually dating Downworlders, so it’s no surprise that Isabelle and Meliorn seem to have had a bit of a fling when we first meet him in the books. However, faeries certainly aren’t known to be trustworthy and no one is ever quite sure where Meliorn stands as trouble brews between Shadowhunters and Downworlders.

The actor shared his excitement and thanked fans on Twitter:

Jade Hassouné has previously starred in HEARTLAND, ERASED, and BRICK MANSIONS.

SHADOWHUNTERS is currently filming in Toronto and will come to television in January 2016.