Jake Gyllenhaal Passes on SUICIDE SQUAD Role, Plus Five Options For Rick Flag

Looks like Warner Bros. is still looking for their Rick Flag for their Suicide Squad.  According to Variety, WB was hoping to cast Jake Gyllenhaal for the role of Flag since Tom Hardy bowed out of the project.

Although the rest of the casting remains intact, being without the leader is sure to get the studio anxious in filling that position sooner rather than later.  Luckily, production doesn’t start until April, so they still have a decent amount of time to look.

And I’ve decided to build my own list of who could possibly fill that role.  I’ve looked into other actors around the same age as Tom and Jake, and here are the ones that I’ve think would make a pretty good Rick Flag.

But before we go on, I must admit that I’m not familiar with Suicide Squad that much, nor Rick Flag, but this is based on the fact that Tom Hardy was going to play the character, and Gyllenhaal was a runner-up choice.  Going off that, and the fact that Rick Flag needs to look like a leader of a not-so-good enforcement team, this is what I’ve come up with, regardless if the actor is actually available to do the role.

1. Charlie Hunnam

Rick Flag fan cast - Charlie Hunnam

Brit man Charlie Hunnam really made a name for himself in the States when Sons of Anarchy came out. And despite the mixed reviews of Pacific Rim, he could definitely hold his own as leading man material on the big screen.

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