James Dashner talks Maze Runner in last Thursday’s #dashnerchat


Last October 31, James Dashner (@jamesdashner) was open on Twitter for questions about The Maze Runner and The Eye of Minds. A few of his answers are the following:

“My hopes and expectations for the TMR movie are SKY HIGH. And reasonable.”

“It makes James very happy (yes, I’m tweeting in 3rd person) to hear that people are loving TEOM. Thank you.”

“TMR was inspired by the TV show LOST, Lord of the Flies, and Ender’s Game.”

“It was bittersweet to leave TMR behind, but really really fun to do something brand new.”

“You guys are going to be blown away by Dylan O’Brien’s performance as Thomas. Seriously.”

He also said you can still talk to him through mention when he’s online. You can ask him for anything, even force him to write an epilogue. (I tried.)

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