James Gunn takes on DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Screenplay, maybe even direct

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn may direct SUICIDE SQUAD 2 if all goes well, and Dave Bautista’s interested. 

It was announced earlier this week that James Gunn, who wrote and directed Marve’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, has moved on from Marvel to DC and will be writing the script for the sequel to v.

We. Are. Thrilled!

Obviously, it would’ve been good to see him get rehired by Disney to finish up the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise with Vol. 3, which he also wrote the screenplay, it’s nice to see DC take advantage of the situation, especially since the first Suicide Squad was a box office failure, as well as a failure for many of its fans.

Right now, the deal is that he’ll write the script, and depending on that, DC will decide on whether they want him to direct the movie as well. All of this is good news for Gunn, and probably better news for DC, whose only really good movie lately has been Wonder Woman, although we’re hoping Aquaman does at least well enough under the direction of The Conjuring‘s James Wan.

When the news was released of Gunn’s hiring, Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Dave Bautista immediately voiced his interest in the movie, with fans suggesting what role he could play, such as Bane (originally played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises), Mr. Freeze (originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman & Robin), King Shark, and Killer Croc (originally played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in the first film.)

Honestly, we don’t care what role Dave plays, just as long as he gets some good lines, which we’re sure Gunn would probably write in if he were to get cast. Drax will always be loved because of Bautista’s portrayal of him.

Admittedly, we weren’t thrilled with the idea of a Suicide Squad sequel after watching the first one, but this news changes everything, and we can’t wait to show our support of Gunn and watch the movie.


By Nat, the Geek Girl

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