James Patterson adds YA novel CRAZY HOUSE to his credits

The most prolific author can now add another book to his long list of Young Adult literature, with the dystopian novel CRAZY HOUSE.

James Patterson, one of the most popular writers ever, has as a new YA book coming out titled Crazy House. Co-written with childrens and YA writer Gabrielle Charbonnet, the story is about twin sisters living in a dystopian society.

Brainy Cass and wild Becca are twin sisters living in a world controlled by The United, an all-powerful government that commands a “separate but equal” society. Suddenly, Becca is thrown into prison, forced to fight her fellow inmates for survival. Cass is determined to save her sister, but she is in danger herself: the captors took the wrong twin, and when they find out they’ll be coming for her.

This is Patterson’s first YA book after his popular Maximum Ride series:

“With Crazy House, I’m thrilled to bring fans of my Maximum Ride series and new readers alike into the world of Cass and Becca, 17-year-old twin sisters thrown into a nightmarish prison. There’s been no trial. There are no charges. And they’re innocent. I promise you that Crazy House is even more exciting, scarier, and of course, crazier—in the best way—than anything I’ve written. I hope that you’ll be drawn into Cass and Becca’s dystopian world and connected to their unbreakable sister bond just as I was.”

Check out the cover and read the excerpt of the first chapter below:

Chapter 1

Thank God for programmable coffeemakers, that’s all I want to say. Actually, that’s about all I can say until I’ve had that first cup. Right on time, 5:45 a.m., life’s precious fluid starts seeping down to the carafe.

And thank god for coffee. Last year when we’d heard that a lot of coffee crops had failed, I thought the bottom of my life had dropped out. But this year coffee is back on the shelves at United All-Ways, and I for one am grateful.

Leaning back against the kitchen counter with my first hot cup, I looked out the torn window screen to see the barest hint of pink coming up over the tops of the trees by the Boundary. I guess people who live in cells by the ocean get to see the sun coming up over the water.

Actually, I don’t know. I don’t know if any people live near any ocean.

I felt the coffee igniting nerves throughout my body as I sipped and watched the sun come up. It was partly blocked by the carport where I kept my—
I bolted upright and peered through the ragged screen.

“No, she didn’t!” I shrieked, wanting to hurl my coffee cup right out the window. It would have hit my truck if my truck had been there. Which it wasn’t!

“Damnation, Rebecca!” I shouted again, then wheeled and headed upstairs just to double check. Just in case. Just in case my twin, Ridiculous Rebecca, was in fact still snoring in bed instead of joyriding in my truck.

I slammed open her bedroom door, adrenaline making jumpy friends with all the caffeine in my system.

Becca’s bed was empty.

Seething, I hurried to my room at the end of the hall, passing the door to our parents’ room, which we kept shut all the time nowadays. In my room I threw on yesterday’s jeans and a plaid shirt that I’d been too hasty in assigning to the dirty clothes pile. Jamming my feet into my perfectly worn cowboy boots, I started rehearsing what I would say to my sister when I caught up with her.

And I would catch up with her. There was zero doubt about that. Our cell was barely four miles across, a nice big crop circle. Becca had no place to run, no place to hide.

You can read the rest of the except here.

Gabrielle Charbonnet wrote the Disney Girls and Princess children’s books. Under the pseudonym Cate Tiernan, she wrote the YA Sweep series and Immortal Beloved trilogy.

You can pre-order your copy of Crazy House today.

Crazy House hits store shelves May 22, 2017.

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