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Jamie and Claire Get Heated In A New OUTLANDER Clip, Plus New Stills

The first real argument between Jamie and Claire is one for the record books.

We’ve been told time and time again that the rest of OUTLANDER’s first season won’t be a walk in the park. The second half is significantly darker and more tense than the first. Now, we’re getting a look at that with a new clip featuring Jamie and Claire’s first significant, fierce argument that carefully highlights the differences between Claire’s 1940s mindset and Jamie’s eighteenth century mindset.

UPDATE:  Sorry folks, unable to upload that video for you (you can watch it here,) but check out this mid-season sneak peek!

Things are certainly rocky for the couple, but they’re just as fierce in their commitment to each other as they are in their spats!

Along with the clip comes 22 new stills from the mid-season premiere episode, “The Reckoning”. On top of shots of Jamie and Claire, we’ve got new looks at Rupert and Angus, Dougal, the return to Castle Leoch, and more!

OUTLANDER returns to our televisions tomorrow, April 4th, on Starz!