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Jamie Fraser needs reconciliation in OUTLANDER Season 2 

Outlander season 2 shows Jamie Fraser needs reconciliation and healing after the his torture and rape from Black Jack 

If you had seen the last few episodes from last seasons’ Outlander, you know that Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) was the one who had suffered the worst of Black Jack Randall’s (Tobias Menzies) sadism.  And although Jamie is pretty much physically healed from the trauma, it shouldn’t be surprising he’s far from being the confident man he was before.

“There’s definitely still some mental trauma there. The physical side he can heal. It’s not modern-day life, so there isn’t a psychologist he can talk to,” Heughan tells “He did something that was out of his control. He betrayed Claire and he feels guilty about that. He feels that he can’t be the husband or the man that he wants to be. He needs some sort of reconciliation.”


Of course, it’s not just Jamie that has to deal with the aftermath of his ordeal, but Claire (Caitriona Balfe), too.  She’ll be dealing with her own guilt in the ordeal as well.

“If you watch someone that you love go through something as horrific and traumatic as that, it can’t help but affect you; the empathy that you would feel for the person that you love and the guilt as well, because you wish that you could take away their pain and you can’t. I think Claire somehow feels responsible in some ways for Jamie being in that situation.”

Despite feeling helpless, Claire makes a plan on getting Jamie distracted enough to heal through time.

“She also takes this idea of giving him a mission as something that will help him heal and take his mind off what he’d gone through,” Balfe says. “We see her really being this champion of this idea that they are really going to change the future. It gives him something to get up for.”


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