Jared Leto’s SUICIDE SQUAD Joker Terrorizes The Cover of Empire Magazine

SUICIDE SQUAD Joker chills audiences in first full-body shot!

If you thought Jared Leto was creepy as the Suicide Squad Joker in close-up, just wait until you get a full view!

Empire Magazine has the first head-to-toe shot of Leto’s Joker on a limited edition collector’s cover this month! The cover shows The Joker in Arkham Asylum issued blue fabric pants and a purple crocodile skin trench coat, walking down the street barefoot with a cane. New tattoos poke out from beneath the coat, including what looks like JOKER across his torso and a sinister smile covering his lower abdomen.


With every new glimpse, it seems that version of The Joker is getting more and more intense. There’s certainly a flair to him, but after seeing so many incarnations of the character that are a little more subtle, this look feels a little overwhelming at times. Still, we’ll have to make our final judgment when we see it all come together on screen!

Suicide Squad is out on August 5, 2015.


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