Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Talk SUPERNATURAL Season 10

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles shared some information with EW about the first 200 episodes of Supernatural, how their characters are coping with the events of last season, what what is headed their way this season.

The pair touched on how quickly Season 9’s cliffhanger was resolved compared to how they imagined it playing out.

EW: Were you all surprised at how quickly Dean became human again?
PADALECKI: Yes. I was disappointed.
ACKLES: Yeah, I thought they probably could’ve dragged that on a little longer. They wanted to get Dean back to Dean and get the brothers back to being brothers again. I like that. I’m thankful that, for the first time in several seasons, [Sam and Dean are] kind of back together as brothers. That being said, I wouldn’t have minded a handful of more episodes with that separation. That would’ve been fun.
PADALECKI: My wet dream was like having a cat-and-mouse chase ala De Niro and Pacino in Heat. I wanted to be on his trail for a while.
ACKLES: We could’ve explored more of what Sam went through too because a lot of that is being implied and not seen, which will come back in the future, and I think maybe we’ll get to see some of that in flashbacks. I hope so.

The key part of the show from the beginning is the two brother’s relationship. Padalecki talked about his character Sam’s state of mind compared to his actions when it comes to his brother Dean.

How is the relationship between the brothers moving forward?
PADALECKI: Sam knows how much he loves his brother and how much he’ll do for his brother, or for Cas, or whoever he loves, but he feels like sometimes he hasn’t either shown it or had the opportunity to—from the pilot when he decided to go off to school to season seven when he was with Amelia instead of trying to get his brother back from purgatory. Sam knows that when shit hits the fan, Sam will do whatever it takes, but he isn’t always sure that other people see that. And talking to fans, [I]  hear that kind of echoed where they’re like, “Hey, why won’t Sam do for Dean what Dean does for Sam?” And part of me wants to like go, “Sam went to the hell box as Lucifer for his brother. What are you talking about he doesn’t do the same thing?” So it just goes to show that not everybody knows just what Sam’s commitments are. But I think he’s proven himself kind of begrudgingly because he had to cross some boundaries he didn’t want to cross, but now he knows that Dean knows just how far he will go to help his brother, and now the audience gets to see it too.

They also talked on the role of witches and witchcraft in the remainder of Season 10.

How much is witchcraft playing a role in this season?
PADALECKI: It plays a lot.
ACKLES: I don’t think that we’ve really gotten into the meat of that just yet.
PADALECKI: We’ve never delved into witches like we did delve into demons and angels and even vampires.
ACKLES: Leviathans.
PADALECKI: Leviathans, yeah. We’ve played around with witches but witches actually play a pretty large part in our storyline, even from like “Man’s Best Friend,” where there was a witch making a dog manifest itself as the servant, and Crowley was a witch before.
ACKLES: They’ve always been there.
PADALECKI: They’ve always been there and so now we get to delve into this part of the supernatural universe. I’ve read a few forward and we see witchcraft play integral parts in a few episodes coming up and I think it’s a neat thing that we haven’t seen. Sam and Dean have the thing they do with demons, they have the thing they do with vampires or with ghosts or zombies, but we haven’t really seen them come head-to-head with witches too much so it’s going to be a nice new arena to explore.

You can read the full interview here.

Supernatural airs on the CW Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.


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