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First Image Tease Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Negan On THE WALKING DEAD

AMC reveals teaser image of The Walking Dead’s big baddie Negan and his favorite girl, Lucille

We knew it was coming for quite some time.  The introduction of Negan, as played by horrifically talented Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will be shown in the final episode of this season of The Walking Dead, and we’re not ready.  Because with his introduction, and that of his barb-wired bat, we anticipate one of the worst deaths of a character in TV history.

And AMC knows this, which is why this teaser image is exactly that.  A teaser of the sadistic kind.  And yet, it won’t stop us from watching the 90-minute season finale.  Even executive producer Gale Anne Hurd knows and completely understands the importance of this character, stating, “Let me put it this way. He’s worth waiting for.”

I don’t know.  I don’t want any of Rick’s team to go bye-bye, especially by way of Lucille.  I’ve seen the scene in the graphic novel, and it was hard to deal with that.  It’ll be just as hard to deal with on the TV show, if not harder.

So, prepare yourselves, and put your baseball caps on, because it’s going to be a hard-hitting night this Sunday.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

To save one of their own, Rick’s group must venture outside the walls. Their experience there will change their lives forever.


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