Jenna Coleman Confirms DOCTOR WHO Exit

Jenna Coleman says she’ll exit DOCTOR WHO following Season 9.

The rumors have been swirling for quite some time, but now we have official confirmation: Actress Jenna Coleman will exit her role companion Clara Oswald on Doctor Who at the end of Season 9.

Coleman told BBC Radio 1 that she’s not only leaving the show, but has already¬†filmed her final scene. However, she thinks Clara’s final moments with the Doctor will be something fans can all appreciate.

“It’s been in the works for a very long time. Steven and I sat down a year and a half ago and tried to work out the best place to do it and tell a really good story. We’re not going to give any details but it will happen at some point this season… We worked out a really good story arc out so hopefully people will love it.”


Meanwhile, Jenna Coleman has signed on to play Queen Victoria in the ITV series Victoria, which follows the young royal from the age of 18 to her ascension to the throne.

Doctor Who fans know there’s still companion Danny Pink, who could be stepping into the spotlight more rather than bringing in any new characters.

As for Clara’s exit? Many have speculated that Maisie William’s guest role is that of a young Clara or at least related to Clara’s relationship with The Doctor, so we’ll have to see how that theory shakes out!


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