Jennifer Lawrence Loves Harry Potter

In this recent interview with The Daily BeastJennifer Lawrence talks about Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games among other things and reveals that she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan!  

Jennifer on her love of Harry Potter:

I’m more of a Harry Potter freak. I read all the books three or four times. I know every spelling or incantation. I end up speaking sometimes in Harry Potter terms.

And when she met Daniel Radcliffe:

We were both doing Letterman. I grabbed him by the shoulder. Of course, I’m in 6-inch heels. That makes me 6-foot-4. I’m towering over him, saying, “I love Harry Potter!” His security people were nodding to each other—should we go?

This is actually a pretty funny interview with some great quotes from Jennifer (she never lets us down, does she?!), so we highly recommend you click here to read it in its entirety!