Jensen Ackles on SUPERNATURAL season 10, spinoff

Recent Supernatural news shows that things are only getting bigger for the scifi veteran: a new season and a new spinoff are both set.

…Jensen Ackles — who plays Dean Winchester — felt the same way when he heard the news that he was getting a Season 10.
“As you know, this is the tenth time we’ve gotten that phone call. I will say, it never gets old,” Ackles tells Zap2it with a laugh. “It’s always a very sweet phone call to get. We’re excited.”

Ackles is looking forward to seeing where the series will go in the future based on Season 9’s success so far. “After looking at what the reaction has been this season, we’ve seen some of the highest ratings that we’ve ever had, I think people are really starting to respond, or they’re responding more,” Ackles says. “It’s nice that after nine seasons, instead of sizzling out, it actually seems to be building up speed. I don’t know how that happened, but it happened and we’re happy for it.”

First Born

In addition to the renewal, “Supernatural” also spawned a spinoff series, “Supernatural: Bloodlines.” The backdoor pilot for the potential new series will air as an episode of “Supernatural” on Tuesday, April 29, and will feature a whole new, never-before-seen cast of characters.
Dean and his younger brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) will be a part of the pilot episode to kick off the new series. “Sam and Dean head to Chicago on a regular job, and even though the relationship is as strained as it is right now, they still agree to work together and do what they can,” Ackles teases. “So they show up in Chicago and find some very interesting characters and a very interesting situation.”

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