Jensen Ackles to Direct Season 10 Episode 3 of Supernatural

Now officially in pre-production, location manager Ross Hamilton has been teasing fans on twitter about the premiere episode set to release October 7th at 9pm. The new rumor has it that Jensen Ackles, who portrays Dean Winchester, will be directing yet another episode of the series. Ackles will direct the untitled episode 3.

Jensen has sat in the director’s chair many times for the series. His resume includes:

the hilarious Season 6, Episode 4 titled “Weekend at Bobby’s,” Season 7, Episode 3 titled “The Girl Next Door” and Season 8, Episode 3 titled “Heartache.”

We think he will do a great job as usual.

Concept meetings have started for the new season but details on the first episode are still unknown. However, Hamilton teases that it will be epic and full of goosebumps:

“EPICsode 1001. Page 32. Scene 35. Exterior . Day. Wow! Wow!! WOW!!! Pivotal moment, possible Goosebumps,”

Also, there has been talk about Jake Abel, who played Sam and Dean’s half brother Adam Milligan, to return but co-executive Jim Michaels has responded via Twitter that “[Adam is] not currently on our radar.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.28.42 PM


If you need a little refreshing about Adam, he was last seen in Season 5 when he became Michael’s vessel and got tossed into the cage of Lucifer with Sam in the season finale.

We will keep you all updated on new information about the season premiere episodes.

Source: ibtimes