Jeremy Carver Talks About Upcoming Episodes of SUPERNATURAL

When HuffPostTV were on a set visit of Supernatural, they not only got to talk to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki about the most recent episode, “Citizen Fang,” but they were also able to get a bit more information from Jeremy Carver about what’s going to happen in the second half of this season, including the whole angels vs. demons vs. prophet and prophet’s mom story arc.


What about the heavenly agenda and the introduction of Naomi (Amanda Tapping)? What does that mean for Castiel coming up?

I can’t say too much. I mean, we did not leave Cas [Misha Collins] in a particularly good place and we’ll absolutely be revisiting that and bringing him back into the story with some force. But that’s as specific as I can get right now.

I was on set for Episode 12, which involves the Winchesters’ paternal grandfather, Henry [Gil McKinney]. What can you reveal about that story, in broad strokes?

I think one of the real fun parts of the show is the way, over the years, we’ve built in these holes in the family tree. I think we’re giving the same treatment to this character of Henry and what the boys discover … Again, I think it answers a lot of questions, if there were more questions that needed to be answered in terms of the overall family. [It] answers in another way why these families may have been fated to be together, the Campbells and the Winchesters. It also speaks to one of the brothers in particular in terms of finding his place in the family mythology. It resonates across several levels for the characters, the show and then the ongoing mythology.


What’s coming up in terms of Crowley [Mark Sheppard] and Kevin [Osric Chau], since all we currently know is that the Trans are chilling on Garth’s [D.J. Qualls’] houseboat?

We will be seeing them fairly soon. I have to be a little bit nonspecific about what’s coming up. There is a breakthrough coming in terms of the reading of the tablet.

Fred considers Castiel's offer
Fred considers Castiel’s offer

The past couple of episodes, “Hunteri Heroici” especially, featured a few nice nods to John [Jeffrey Dean Morgan]. Will that continue?

I think what’s important is — to speak not just to John but to speak to Mary also — part of what drives the questions in terms of closing the gates of Hell is what effect demons have had on their family …It’s very important to us to keep that pot boiling in terms of the desire to right the past wrongs.

Okay, now if only Jeremy Carver could work his magic and convince JDM to actually make a reappearance again… and shoot, bring Jake Abel along with him and get all the Winchester men together for a few brewskies, yeah?  Okay!

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