Jeremy Renner: Ever The Professional

Actor breaks both arms while filming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, gets back up to fight another day.

It’s no secret Jeremy Renner is an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He plays one of the key Avengers characters named Clint Barton/Hawkeye. In fact, he serves as one of the most important story arcs for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Later on, his character finds himself torn against his allies like many of the other Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Thus far, Renner has been put through the ringer both emotionally and physically during the film. However, there is a ton more the actor has had to do for the forthcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which has proven a tasking role for the actor, to say the least.

Filming started for the Avengers film back in January. In the film, Renner’s character and the other Avengers, alongside many other Marvel characters expected including The Guardians of The Galaxy, will take on Thanos to prevent him from controlling everything. Renner, however, faced a few injuries along the way during the filming of the gigantic blockbuster. He did not hold anything back when he said he “broke his arms” during a stunt for Infinity War.

“That’s how it goes,” Renner told Variety. “It’s part of the job.”

He, however, said his injuries would not stop him whatsoever. “I’m sort of a problem solver, you know,” Renner said. “There will be an effect to it, but it won’t stop me from doing things that I need to be doing.” He stated he’s ever the quick healer. “I’ll heal fast,” Renner said. “I’m doing everything I can to heal faster.” He puts it into the context of the types of films he’s choosing and said he takes some relief in the role he is currently doing.

“I’m doing a job that isn’t really requiring a ton of stunts,” Renner said. “It’s not an action movie’ it’s a comedy. It just happens to have a few stunts in it. So I don’t have to beat a whole lot of people up or do anything crazy.” Renner isn’t worried about how the injury could impact him going forward. “So it won’t really affect my job,” Renner said. Unfortunately, it’s causing Renner problems in other areas than his job as an actor.

“It affects how I get dressed in the morning,” Renner said. “I can’t tie my shoes, but outside of that and everything else, I can kind of get by.” As an actor, however, he said he continues to be shocked by the visual effects of films today. They stun him.

“Visual effects has become a huge part of filmmaking nowadays, and it is also done so well,” Renner stated. “I remember watching the first ‘Avengers’……It was so big and there were so many characters and so many things going on, you can’t really understand from the script what the hell you are really doing…Just figure out your character and your own piece in this puzzle.”

Superhero Movie Update #16 - Hawkeye is more centralRenner said the process by which these CGI films are created continue to startle him. “And then the effects take over,” Renner stated. “Once we’re done with principal photography, it goes into editing and the effects are added, and [the VFX]create the bad guys, the aliens, the backdrop… So it is always a surprise when it comes to films like ‘Avengers’ and the whole Marvel universe to see [the finished movie]. It’s the only time that I really watch a movie that I’ve done because it is a complete surprise to me how it has actually turned out.”

Renner is not the only person left shocked by the films. The work done by Marvel Studios truly shocks and amazes audiences around the world and their films continue to appeal to audiences and critics alike. Minus a couple films such as Thor: The Dark World, their films have continued to build upon one another to create an uber-narrative that is much different than anything seen before. With Spider-Man: Homecoming being released this weekend to rave reviews, it’s likely Renner’s injuries are for a good cause since the buildup to Avengers: Infinity War will only be that much stronger now.

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