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Jessica Harmon Talks Niylah’s Return to THE 100

Find out what actress Jessica Harmon has to say about Niylah’s return to THE 100!

Niylah did not play a huge role last season on The 100only appearing a few times, but she quickly became a fan favourite. The friendly grounder has returned to the show this season, with what looks to be a larger character arc and storyline. Jessica Harmon, who plays Niylah, sat down with Hypable to talk about her role in season 4.

Niylah made her The 100 debut in the premiere of season 3, offering Clarke (Eliza Taylor) shelter at her tradepost. She returned near the end of the season, when Clarke and the rest of the Delinquents bring Raven (Lindsey Morgan) to Niylah’s tradepost to try and rid her of A.L.I.E.’s code.

In the beginning of this season, we learned that Niylah has been helping Skaikru prepare rations for the upcoming radiation that was going to be weathered in Arkadia. Niylah has since helped Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) with her injury and has begun sharing Clarke’s bed again, though she accepts Clarke’s grief for Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey).

Niylah is a different sort of grounder than we’re used to seeing on the show, being that she is very compassionate, despite hardships. When asked about what keeps her this way, Jessica Harmon said that Niylah turns her pain into love:

Niylah has a big heart, and I think she turns her pain into love for the people she still has in her life and those who she believes in. Clarke is obviously someone she cares for and will follow, I would assume, even into her death if the moment called for it.

She is also on board for ‘Niylarke’ but says that she doesn’t know what will happen:

I love Niylarke, so I’ll always live on that ship! Their relationship is a mature one that’s based on mutual respect. What love there is, or could be beyond that… we’ll have to wait to see!

And as for Clarke’s feelings about Lexa, Harmon says that Niylah isn’t bothered by Clarke’s continued love for her:

I don’t think Niylah would ever be bothered by someone’s love for another, especially knowing Clarke’s feelings for Lexa. I don’t believe she’d ever get in the way of that, again it’s her respect for others that takes priority.

When asked about being part of such an exciting show and season, Jessica Harmon says that the show has changed her life:

Well, as most fans know, my brother Richard [Harmon] is on the show which was my first draw to wanting to be a part of it. As my time on the show continued I grew to love the entire cast, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take part in The 100 cons as well, and meet the fans who happen to be the absolute best — so it’s safe to say I’ve had an all around incredible time. Some of my best friendships have been made because of The 100, so I owe the powers at be and my coworkers a huge debt of gratitude. It’s been life-changing.

On the topic of her brother Richard Harmon (Murphy), she says that she loves seeing him act and that she is onboard for ‘Memori’:

I can’t say for sure if they meet or not, but being on set while Rick’s there is the best part of my job on this show. He’s an amazing actor, better than me, and watching him work fills me with pride. In a fight!?! They’re both passionate characters so I really don’t know! Hopefully it never comes to that! Also yes, I fully approve of Emori!

And finally, she says that she loves playing Niylah because of how caring she is:

At first I just felt lucky to be a part of the show, but I’ve grown to love this character as well. She’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. She’s a lot more sympathetic and caring than I’ll ever be, so it’s been interesting to explore that side of me. Or attempt to at least!

You can read the rest of this interview here!

Make sure to catch Jessica Harmon as Niylah on The 100 on Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.


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