JESSICA JONES Renewed for Another Season

Good news, JESSICA JONES fans! Season 2 is on its way.

Netflix has announced that Marvel’s Jessica Jones is renewed for a second season. This hardly comes as a surprise with the recent success of the series. In addition to the rave reviews and fan attention, the star of the show, Krysten Ritter, was just nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award.

While we know little about the future of our favorite private investigator, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has said there are many avenues to explore in the story:

Throughout the first season, as we were breaking the story, so many ideas were coming up. For season two, the idea was to leave a lot of storytelling doors open and to have avenues to pursue for many years after this season. We leave this season not necessarily on a cliffhanger, but there is a big change in Jessica’s circumstances.

[Finale spoiler ahead!]

Perhaps the only real detail of Season 2 is that Kilgrave (David Tennant) is really gone for good. Even so, Ritter doesn’t think the trauma of mind-control goes away with Kilgrave’s death. It will be very interesting to see where the show goes next!

You can watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix.

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