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Jimmy Kimmel stages GAME OF THRONES “spinoff” with ‘Full House Lannister’

With the OG Game of Thrones now completed and all these Game of Thrones spinoffs in development for potential pick-up, naturally Jimmy Kimmel decided to create his own hilarious Game of Thrones “spinoff” with actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister.

Kimmel’s “Full House Lannister” takes two beloved TV shows and answers the million dollar question of “What would happen if Game of Thrones was a 90s sitcom”? Ok, maybe it’s not the million dollar question but Kimmel’s crossover between Full House and Game of Thrones is just what we needed after Sunday’s emotional roller coaster.

Got no time to watch this quick 3 minute sketch? Well, imagine the kind of jokes and family moments typical of Full House but with a Thrones spin.

Exhibit A: Uncle Joey commenting on how he’s “in a pickle” right as Uncle Jamie breaks open a jar of pickles with his sword.

Exhibit B: Uncle Jamie asking for some advice about his sister because he got her pregnant again. Well Uncle Jamie, “quit f—ing your sister.”

Oh and since this spin-off is a David Benioff/D.B. Weiss and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen production, everybody dies at the end. Naturally.


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