JK Rowling Answers Fan Questions on Horcruxes, Black Residence

JK Rowling is clearing up some HARRY POTTER mysteries!

If there’s one thing that’s true about the HARRY POTTER series, it’s that fans sure like to analyze every little detail. Plenty of questions have arisen over the years. Now, JK Rowling has taken a few minutes away from her busy writing schedule to answer some of those questions.

First up, Harry the Horcrux vs his first encounter with Basilik venom in the Chamber of Secrets!


That makes plenty of sense to us! Harry did technically “die” in DEATHLY HALLOWS, or at least the Horcrux-infected part of his soul did. Inanimate objects, on the other hand, can’t be revived from the dead.

But what about the destruction of the ring horcrux? How could the ring be destroyed without also destroying the resurrection stone inside it?

And then a more practical question– How did a proud, stubborn pureblood family come to live in a muggle neighborhood?!


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