JK Rowling Celebrates James S. Potter’s First Day At Hogwarts

It’s September 1st. Today, students returned to Hogwarts!

It’s not just the first day at Hogwarts on this first of September. It’s a special occasion! September 1, 2015 marks the first day at the prestigious wizarding school for James Sirius Potter, eldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter!

JK Rowling marked the day with a sweet tweet!

With to the author’s delight, the fans played right along.

Now that it’s already happened, Rowling also revealed what house James is in and how saddened a certain student in his final year at Hogwarts was when he heard the news:

Of course James would be a Gryffindor! Chip off the ol’ block(s), eh?

Young James Potter was portrayed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 by actor Will Dunn.


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