JK Rowling Discusses The Complexities of Severus Snape

JK Rowling weighs in on Snape’s morality and Harry’s name choices!

He’s one of the most simultaneously loved and hated characters in all of literature. Severus Snape incites a world of fervor and emotions in just about everyone who knows the Harry Potter series. Is he a villain or a savior?

JK Rowling took to Twitter to to clear up some of the misconceptions about Severus Snape and why Harry chose to name his youngest son in his honor– which was not completely out of love, it seems.

It all started with the infamous Albus Severus question. JK Rowling says the name choices has to do with who Harry is post-war and the way he relates Snape’s decisions back to his own choices during the war.

When one Snape-loving fan suggested that he was inherently good and there was no malice with Harry, the author was also quick to correct that.

Overall, Rowling says Snape’s charm is in the fact that he is neither a pure hero or villain, but that he exists in the more realistic in-between area between good and bad.

This little therapy session may not have changed any fans’ minds, but the author still loves that the character keeps fans talking!



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