JK Rowling Reveals Her Favorite Chapter of HARRY POTTER

JK Rowling’s favorite chapter of HARRY POTTER is gut-wrenching!

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is known for sharing lots of extra details on the series via Twitter, but over the weekend she gave fans a more personal, less descript detail that still left them pretty thrilled: Her favorite chapter!

With so many whimsical, humorous, and powerful moments to choose from, Rowling went with perhaps the most emotionally taxing chapter in the entire series.

In case you’ve forgotten, “Forest Again” is the chapter in which Harry walks into the Forbidden Forest one last time to meet Voldemort and face his death. Along the way, he uses the Resurrection Stone to meet with dead loved one and gain strength from them for the final time. It’s utterly heartbreaking, of course, and has made many a fan weep in dismay, even during re-reads!

The chapter is also a fan favorite as well, because apparently, we all like a little our stories a bit bittersweet.

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