JK Rowling Reveals Moaning Myrtle’s Full Name

Moaning Myrtle has a classic British name behind her ghostly ways!

As most diehard HARRY POTTER fans already know, JK Rowling has extensive histories on all the characters from the series. After now and then, she graces us with a new tidbit of fresh information. Today, it’s about Moaning Myrtle!

A fan asked exactly what Moaning Myrtle’s real name was before she died, returned as a ghost, and earned her infamous title. Thankfully, Rowling had the answer handy and was ready to go!

Rowling was quick to note that the name has nothing to do with the American politician. Myrtle’s surname has always been “Warren” and she chose the middle name “Elizabeth” because it’s a classic and fairly common British name.

Though the series ended long ago, we always love getting these bits and pieces of background for each character! It adds to our overall knowledge of the story and the players within without ever taking away the magic.

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