JK Rowling Reveals The American Term For “Muggle” Used In FANTASTIC BEASTS

“Muggle” will get an American makeover in FANTASTIC BEASTS!

Though we’re speaking the same language, there are pretty of differences between English and American slang. Select words have a very different meaning from one country to another and a popular term in one country might make absolutely no sense elsewhere. As JK Rowling recently revealed, these cultural discrepancies also exit in the wizarding world– and the term “muggle” is the first victim of the change!

“Muggle” is the first wizarding word introduced in the Harry Potter series and it’s even made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as “A person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill”. But it’s only the British slang term for non-magical people!

JK Rowling revealed to Entertainment Weekly that we’ll see Americans using a completely different slang word in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: No-Maj, pronounced “no-madge”.

As one would expect from a conversion from UK to US, the term referring to “no magic” people is harsher and less pleasing all around. Fans haven’t quite taken to the term so far, but either way, that’s what Newt Scamander will hear when his adventures take his to New York City.

What do you think of the new wizarding word?

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