Join J.K. Rowling for a special live event!

Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling are hosting a special live event with their worldwide favorite creators to bring in a new era.

If you didn’t catch this earlier today, there’s going to be a special live event being held in Anaheim, California with J.K. Rowling and a group of favorite creators to present a new era of the Wizarding World.

Not much information has been given out, but it definitely has to do with the Fantastic Beasts film, and thus should be very exciting! Obviously, not everyone’s will be able to head down to Anaheim to check it out, but you can see it live on Facebook and YouTube.

Those in the Anaheim, CA area or those who are able to get there got a chance to sign up to see the event live, however, it is now fill.  You can, however, sign up on the waitlist if you are still itching for a fraction of a chance.


By Molly

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