JK Rowling Takes Stance On The Three Brothers Fan Theory

JK Rowling gives her love to a popular fan theory about The Three Brothers.

The Harry Potter fandom is known for some pretty crackpot fan theories (Anyone remember when Dumbledore supposedly was a wizened Ron Weasley who traveled back in time to guide Harry?), but sometimes those theories aren’t quite so crazy.

Now, series author JK Rowling is speaking out in favor of one fan theory that’s ripped through social media over the years involving The Three Brothers tale!

In case you missed the theory, it suggested that the characters of The Three Brothers represent the larger story arc for other characters. Voldemort is the first brother, struck down in his foolish quest for power. Snape is the second brother, driven to his downfall in a quest to remember love once lost. Harry is the third brother, who used his gifts wisely to greet Death “as an old friend”.

And that old friend? None other than Dumbledore himself as Death, the figure that put all three men on the path to their fate. He played a pretty direct role in each of their journeys and at one point, possessed all of the Deathly Hallows at once.

three brothers

JK Rowling’s certainly not saying that the theory is now canon, but she certainly approves of fans’ imaginations running wild when to provides something beautiful in return!


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