Joe Manganiello Is BATMAN Solo Movie Villain Deathstroke

Deathstroke is coming to the DC Universe (but not when we expected him to!)

About a week and a half ago, Ben Affleck posted a video announcing a new villain who we suspected would be featured in Justice League (more on that later!) We saw an actor looking menacing in the Deathstroke costume, but we didn’t know who that actor was. Now the secret is out!

True Blood and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello is officially set to play Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie, DC Entertainment Chief Geoff Johns confirmed. The movie could be out as early as 2018 but doesn’t have an official release date quite yet.


However, the timing of Affleck’s footage makes it easy to believe that the character could have a cameo in Justice League, given that Affleck is currently filming the movie in London and basic costume tests for a future films going on at the same time¬†would be oddly convenient.

Manganiello’s version of the character will be the second in recent years: Manu Bennett earned plenty of praise for his portrayal of the character on Arrow Season 1 and 2.

The actor’s reaction to the new release on social media was simple, but effective:

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