Johanna Mason Featured in Capitol Couture’s Latest Issue

Capitol Couture‘s summer issue, Zoetic Sol, was released today and includes a Capitol profile on District 7 Victor, Johanna Mason!

Johanna Mason Capitol Couture

Here’s an excerpt from her profile:

Mason arrives at her photo shoot for Capitol Couture looking anything but meek. She has a reputation for being snide with her prep team.  District 7’s stylist has been dressing tributes like oak trees and firs for the opening ceremonies ever since the first Hunger Games. Clearly, Mason prefers a more conceptual take on lumber and paper.  “My stylist’s the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Wish I’d gotten Cinna,” she has been known to mumble.

It looks like everyone recognizes Cinna’s brilliance!  What do you think of Johanna’s look in the magazine?  Especially those eyelashes, which according to the article are held in place with hot glue!

The complete article can be found here.