John Barrowman Seals DC TV Multi-Show Deal

John Barrowman to bring Malcolm Merlyn to all four of The CW’s DC shows!

Malcolm Merlyn laid his foundations on Arrow, but soon he’ll be taking on the entire DC universe on The CW!

Actor John Barrowman has just signed a deal with the network that will keep him at series regular status on Arrow, but also bring him more frequently to The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the latest addition, Supergirl for different adventures through the multi-universe and time itself!

The Dark Archer’s new appearances may bit a bit confusing given that The Flash‘s Flashpoint paradox storyline will affect The Flash and reportedly Supergirl, but not necessarily Arrow and Legends, effectively dragging the character across multiple timelines and universes. Still, Wentworth Miller has signed a similar deal for his former Legends of Tomorrow character, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and the four shows will continue to do annual crossover episodes, so there’s still room for collaboration despite it all.

John Barrowman has a lengthy history with The CW, first recurring on Arrow for the first two seasons before becoming a regular in Season 3. He also had a short stint as a Scottish clan leader Munro on Reign and guested on The Flash during last winter’s “Flarrow” crossover event.

Arrow kicks off the new CW superhero season on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.


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