John Green and Halston Sage Break Down The PAPER TOWNS Trailer

John Green and Halston Sage break down catfish pranks, mini-Cara, and spinning minivans.

The PAPER TOWNS book isn’t the first time the author planted a catfish in somebody’s dresser. John Green and Halston Sage broke down the new trailer for PAPER TOWNS with Yahoo! In the short interview, Green admitted that he has planted both catfish and lobsters among other people’s clothing and talked about his complicated relationship with Orlando, his hometown and the PAPER TOWNS setting.

He and star Halston Sage, who plays Lacey Pemberton, also marveled over how much young Margo looks like Cara Delevingne and discussed the film’s one “action scene”, among other moments. Check it out!

It’s great to see just how much Green loves the cast and the film. It’s got us even more pumped up about seeing PAPER TOWNS when it comes to theaters on July 24, 2015!