John Green Gets Behind the Scenes for PAPER TOWNS

Poor John Green.  From the moment you watch the video, you notice Mr. Green looks more frazzled than usual.  There’s the glistening look of perspiration brought on by frustration, and then you hear the beep.  I’m familiar with that beep.  I have a smoke detector that beeps like that every once in a while, notifying anyone within range of its horrifyingly nerve-wracking voice, that its battery needs to be change.  It’s quite awful.

Anyway, despite the lack of sleep, he brings us on a journey behind the scenes of Paper Towns.  He introduces us to some important people responsible for bringing to life the story and the people onto film, and we meet some of the people that will appear in the movie itself – sorry, no Nat Wolff just yet – but we do get to see some black Santas, along with a wall calendar full of brightly-colored, written-on stickies!  Woo hoo!  Stuff on small paper squares!

In which John takes you behind the scenes of the movie adaptation of his novel Paper Towns, introducing you to the director, producer, and cast members Jaz Sinclair (Angela), Justice Smith (Radar), and Halston Sage (Lacey). Also there is a brief attempt to expand the definition of octothorpe.

We’ll keep you updated as the movie progresses. With production just around the corner, we should be hearing more news, and maybe more videos soon!

via John’s website


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