John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA Adaptation Officially In The Works?

During THE FAULT IN OUR STARS BookCon panel, film producer Wyck Godfrey revealed that things are looking up for the LOOKING FOR ALASKA adaptation that was shelved years ago!


An audience member asked Green if his novel Looking For Alaska would also be headed to the screen soon. Green hesitated, looking back and forth between the producers, clearly not sure how to answer – but suggesting there was good news.

“None of us control Looking For Alaska,” producer Godfrey said. “But I have a feeling as of next week things will look better.”

Green smiled. “That’s a very politically astute answer, Wyck. Good job.”

Paramount has owned the rights to the LOOKING FOR ALASKA film since 2005. They hired Josh Schwartzman to write the script and direct the film, but ultimately there was no enthusiasm from the studio to make the project. It seems Wyck believes that THE FAULT IN OUR STARS’ success will push ALASKA into a Paramount adaptation or a rights exchange so FOX can make the film!


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