John Green Says LOOKING FOR ALASKA Studio Has Been Ignoring Him For Months

John Green reveals major issues with the studio behind LOOKING FOR ALASKA!

If you want to reach the hearts, minds, and wallets of young adult audiences, it’s probably best not to abuse one of their most beloved authors. Apparently, Paramount, the studio with the film rights to John Green’s Looking For Alaska movie, didn’t get that message.

The author told fans in January that things were looking bad for the film’s prospects, but in the midst of constant fan badgering for casting announcements (Seriously folks, authors don’t cast movies! Quit it, already!) and film updates, John Green admitted that the situation was worse than we thought: The studio is flat-out ignoring him and his inquiries regarding the film.

Green’s original tweets have been deleted, but they remained on his Facebook page:

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Looking For Alaska was due to start shooting last fall and reportedly had most of its cast set, but production was halted when the studio and Director Rebecca Thomas could not agree on the casting for the namesake character, Alaska Young. After that, it seems things dissolved pretty rapidly.

Fans have come out of the woodwork in defense of the author, offering to boycott to film if it ever gets made by the studio and pointing out that Paramount should be working with the author instead of against him.

It’s important to note that this is John’s first attempted collaboration with Paramount, who bought the option for the film ten years ago and left it on the shelf until after the success of The Fault In Our Stars. The 2014 film and Paper Towns were carried by 20th Century Fox, with whom John seems to have a great relationship.

As much as fans would love to see a Looking For Alaska movie, and perhaps preferably one not done by Paramount, there’s one major snag:

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