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Jon Cryer To Play Lex Luthor on SUPERGIRL

SUPERGIRL finds its big bad in a SUPERMAN movie legacy actor!

About a month ago, Supergirl announced that it would be adding classic DC villain Lex Luthor into the mix by the end of Season 4. Now, the show has found its Lex!

Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) will play the genius businessman who uses his money and influence to bend world politics to his will. His goal is global control and he’s quite good at getting his way. Luthor has a bone to pick with Superman and Supergirl for often ruining his plans for world domination.

Supergirl loves callbacks to actors previously involved in Superman adaptations and Jon Cryer is no exception: He played Lex Luthor’s nephew Lenny Luthor in 1987’s Superman IV: A Quest For Peace, learning his villainous ways with Gene Hackman as Lex.

The show has talked of Lex Luthor and has heavily featured his much younger half-sister Lena Luthor portrayed by Katie McGrath.

Cryer will make his first appearance on Episode 15 of Season 4, which will air in late winter or early spring of 2019.

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