Jon Favreau Answers THE JUNGLE BOOK Questions on Twitter

Jon Favreau Answers THE JUNGLE BOOK Questions on Twitter

The trailer for Disney’s The Jungle Book hit the internet earlier today. Watch it here if you haven’t caught it yet. The CGI effects look incredible! Director Jon Favreau took to Twitter to answer fan questions regarding the film.

Read some of the Q&A below:

@SolnSD: Which one word would you best describe this Movie? #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: Ambitious!

@Warmustbeend123: Jon, how much singing is in the movie of the original JB songs how & much will Bill Murray sing Bare Neccisites? #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: We wanted to include enough music to satisfy people who grew up w 67 film but not make it a musical or betray action tone.

@falcongunner33 what was you camera of choice to create these stunning shots? I can’t wait to see the film! #askjunglebook

Jon Favreau: @falcongunner33 Arri Alexa digital camera and the Pace system & Simulcam (developed for Avatar) to capture the 3D.

@sunrarevival How did you manage to retain the realistically of the animals whilst making them talking characters? Thanks 🙂 #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: We used behavior & mouth movements of real animals, not humans. Anim reference was drawn from performances and mocap of actors

@TedLamy: Are we able to see it in 3-D IMAX? #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: Yes! Movie was captured native in 3D. We are working on an extended dynamic range version to eliminate darkening from 3D glasses

@melloyellow48 Why did you want to do this movie #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: Disney was passionate about JB & 67 film is one of my oldest memories. New tech offers a way to tell the story in a fresh way

@MyersFTW Will this adaptation have a darker tone than the animation or will it be fun and adventurous? #AskJungleBook

Jon Favreau: The photo real approach definitely amps up the adventure beyond the 67 version, but we wanted to maintain the fun.

@MonkeyBoy1138 How many of the locations were real, and how many are cgi? They’re looking pretty authentic.

Jon Favreau: None are real. All are CGI. The whole movie was shot in downtown LA. … Mowgli floating down the river on Baloo’s belly singing was difficult to recreate with real physics. Lots of R&D

To read more of the Q&A click HERE


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